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Looking for beautiful flowers for your home, office, or garden? Planning a new landscape installation for a client? Whether you’re a professional landscape contractor, suburban homeowner, urban patio gardener – or simply love flowers – the Garden Center at Seasonal Services has you covered. We carry the highest-quality flowers and plants for you. Stop by and see us!

Create Your Garden Oasis

Seasonal Bulbs, Groundcover, Perennials & Bedding Flowers

The Garden Center at Seasonal Services offers a gorgeous, ever-changing selection of garden and landscape favorites, including fresh potted annual and perennial flowers, long-lived flowering bulbs, groundcover, and bedding plants. Create your own private garden oasis with colorful classics that can include options such as tulips, lilies, pansies, exciting new cultivars, and many more varieties. Come see what we have to inspire your garden design!

Flower Favorites

Colorful Classics. Fresh Blooms. Unique Finds.

Although our stock varies, you will always find that special something to add colorful impact to your spring and fall planting projects at our Garden Center. Choose your favorites from our wide variety of affordable fresh blooms for your next planting project. We strive to stock all your seasonal favorites, including deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, and easy-to-grow options. You will also find a nice selection of neonicotinoid pesticide-free butterfly and pollinator-friendly favorites. In partnership with some of the world’s finest nurseries and reputable greenhouses, we continue to source fresh finds and add unique flower options to our ever-growing flower selection!


Annual Flowers for Seasonal Color

Although they only last a season or so, what a season it can be! We carefully select our annual flowers to provide the best, brightest, and healthiest looking blooms for your consideration. From beautiful pansies in early spring that can handle the cold and remain in bloom through June to an endless parade of fresh flower arrivals through fall, you will always find an amazing selection of annuals here at our Garden Center!

A Colorful Hello

Welcome Butterflies, Bees, Hummingbirds – and Your Guests!

Our spring annuals and fall annuals are a wonderful way to beautify the landscape of your home or business. They’re also wonderful for attracting helpful pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Delight your visitors by adding a pop of fresh color to flower beds, vegetable and herb garden borders, flower pots, planters, window boxes, and landscape features throughout your property!


Flowering Bulbs, Groundcover & Long-Lived Plants

Perennial flowers and plants make a lovely, enduring addition of color and texture to virtually any space. Because they come back year after year, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Mark special occasions with a blooming perennial plant so that you and your gift recipient can enjoy a lovely and colorful living reminder of the event year after year as the bloom returns – along with the memory. With careful selection based on anticipated blooming periods, flowering perennials and greenery can provide a stunning ever-changing seasonal backdrop for your annual flower displays, as well.

Lasting Color

Bountiful Blooms From Spring to Fall

We offer spring-to-fall perennial flower selections for sunny areas, as well as shade gardens. Our selection varies day to day and seasonally, but you can rest assured that you will always find exciting options at Seasonal Services’ Garden Center!

Would you like to plan a design with lasting color throughout the growing season? From the cool confidence of snowdrops and paperwhites popping up through the snow to the vibrant color burst of crocuses and tulips, we can help you celebrate winter’s end with a beautiful garden display. Dress your lawn and garden with the wonderful textures of groundcover perennials and long-lived hostas – a refreshing sight to behold in late spring, followed by a bold purple riot with lilac flowers as the growing season winds up. Vibrantly colored dahlias and intoxicatingly fragrant lilies bring excitement to your summer landscape. As we head into fall, chrysanthemums steal the show – and attract the attention of all who pass by! Our perennials offer countless possibilities. Stop in, select your favorites, and fill your gardens and landscape with these beauties!

Questions? Can’t Decide?

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At Seasonal Services, our helpful and knowledgeable Garden Center staff is available to assist you. If you have questions or would like more information about getting started or choosing the best flowering annuals for a particularly sunny or shady spot, we are happy to provide the input you need. We are passionate about helping you bring your vision to life!

Attention Landscape Contractors: Stop In Early – and Often!

Our selection of annuals and perennials changes seasonally, so be sure to stop in often and discover what we have in bloom for you now. If you are too busy to accomplish your dream landscape on your own, we invite you to learn more about our professional landscaping and property maintenance services. Call Seasonal Services Garden Center at (304) 229-2914.

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