Corrective Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization and Weed, Pest & Disease Control

Available As A Contracted Property Maintenance Solution From Seasonal Services

For more than 20 years, home and business owners throughout West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland have come to rely on Seasonal Services, LLC for reliable, cost-effective corrective lawn care. In addition to our broad range of professional landscape services, we offer a comprehensive range of lawn solutions.

Corrective Lawn Care

Healthy Weed-free, Pest-free & Disease-free Lawns Start Here!

Our lawn care experts can help keep your lawn healthy, green, and looking pristine all season. We identify and correct lawn issues caused by poor nutrient access, low-quality nutrients, infection, weeds, and lawn pest infestation. With the professional application of premium lawn fertilizer, professional certified weed control, disease treatment, and pest management, you can keep your lawn as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Fertilizer Application Service

Correct Nutrient Deficiencies

We can assess the condition of your soil to identify deficiencies and imbalances related to lawn health. Our fertilizer application specialists then deliver the quality nutrients and soil amendments required for optimal lawn health and root integrity. Not only can professional fertilizer service create a lusher, greener lawn with a fuller appearance, but a healthier, denser lawn is less susceptible to disease, pest, and weed infiltration.

Weed Control

Noxious Weeds, Moss & Undesirable Invasive Plants

Weeds can quickly pose a serious threat to lawn health. Although many plants classified as “weeds” offer valuable medicinal benefits, their place in your landscape is best suited to a well-maintained and isolated herb garden bed – not your lawn. The certified weed control technicians at Seasonal Services offer professional weed control to help prevent, treat, and control the spread of invasive weed species, moss, and other unwanted lawn invaders before they overtake your lawn.

Weed Treatment

Grass-like, Grassy-type & Broadleaf Weeds

If allowed to spread unchecked, weeds sap essential nutrients from your turfgrass. This weakens the natural defenses of your turfgrass, which can make it far more susceptible to diseases and pests that are known to cause significant damage. For best results, we offer early treatment of common grass-like, grassy-type, and broadleaf weeds.

American Burnweed (“Fireweed”)

Autumn Olive




Broadleaf Plantain

Bulbous Buttercup

Canada Thistle

Carolina Geranium






Ground Ivy (“Creeping Charlie”)


Hairy Bittercress

Hairy Galinsoga



Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Stiltgrass









Perilla Mint

Purple Deadnettle







Wild Parsnips

Wild Violets


Herbicide Application

Pet-safe, Kid-safe & Lawn-safe Weed Management

Our weed control service is designed to prevent unsightly, unwanted weeds from taking over your lawn. As Certified Weed Control experts, we apply selective herbicides for effective control of weeds without causing permanent harm to your turfgrass, family, or pets.

Disease Control

Treatment of Viral, Bacterial & Fungal Turfgrass Damage

A disease control program designed to address your property’s underlying turfgrass needs, treat lawn disease, and help plants recover from disease damage, stress, and injury is an essential part of your comprehensive lawn and landscape management plan. We can help you identify, prevent, and treat a wide range of common fungi, as well as viral and bacterial pathogens affecting turfgrass species commonly found in West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland lawns. Our lawn disease specialists use only the highest quality products for safe, effective grass disease control, professionally applied with concern for our clients and the environment.


Dollar & Necrotic Ring Spot

Fairy Ring Mushrooms



Pest Control

Management of Destructive Insect Pests & Nuisance Animals

Are lawn pests “bugging” you? It is important to choose a lawn care company you can rely on to properly identify and control the problem. We offer integrated pest management including safe, effective lawn, garden, and landscape pest control to help prevent infestations from spreading. Our lawn pest management technicians offer cost-effective application of solutions designed to help control and/or contain the spread of common insect pests and nuisance animals, including:

Asian Lady Beetles


Bed Bugs

Boxelder Bugs


Colorado Potato Beetles

Corn Earworm

Cucumber Beetles

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Elongate Hemlock Scale

Fall Webworms

Feral Swine & Wild Boar


Harlequin Bugs

Japanese Beetles

Lecanium Scale

Plum Curculio

Poplar Tree Pests

Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted Wing Drosophila

Stink Bugs


White Grubs

White-tailed Deer

Help! I Still Have A Lawn Problem!

What Can I Do?

In most cases, lawns with an unsightly appearance are suffering poor health caused by underlying damage. Typically, this distress is related to an ongoing condition that must be addressed, such as ineffective or improper maintenance techniques. We offer a complete range of professional lawn maintenance including weekly lawn service and corrective lawn care, as well as options for lawn restoration to restore the health and appearance of the lush, green lawn you want.

What Service Should I Choose?

Lawn Care? Lawn Service? What Is the Difference?

At Seasonal Services, we offer solutions for all of your residential and commercial lawn maintenance needs. We invite you to explore our services to learn more about what we can do for you. To get answers to your questions or request assistance, contact Seasonal Services. We offer a free consultation and are happy to help!

Corrective Lawn Care

A lawn with thick, dense grass helps prevent weeds from taking hold. We can work to improve the health of your lawn with our premium fertilization, pest, weed, and disease control services so your turfgrass is better equipped to defend itself. With a comprehensive lawn care and maintenance program, we make it easy to achieve the lush, green look of a healthy, well-maintained lawn!

Professional Lawn Service

Following lawn treatment, you may want to consider signing up for our Weekly Lawn Service, available through Seasonal Services’ Annual Maintenance Service Program. The program provides reliable professional maintenance year-round and can be customized to meet your property’s unique requirements.

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