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At Seasonal Services’ Garden Center, we offer a variety of healthy, vigorous trees and shrubs known to thrive for customers throughout our West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland service areas. Our woody plants, shrubbery, seedlings, and trees are sourced from hardy stock and produced by some of the most reputable nurseries to help ensure a lifetime of beauty with proper care.


Years of Beauty & Service

If you’re looking for the perfect tree to add beauty to your backyard or commercial landscape project, come see us at the Garden Center at Seasonal Services! Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the right tree to provide enduring beauty, privacy, and shade to any space you have in mind.

Premium Quality Landscaping & Shade Trees

Whether you are interested in a stately tree as a focal point to form the basis of a landscape design that you have in mind, a flowering tree to add visual interest to a new or existing landscape feature, a shade tree, screening trees for privacy, or have another idea in mind, we offer a variety of options for you to choose from. If you would like to take backyard living to its best, there is no better time than this growing season to plant a tree – and no better place to source your trees than the Garden Center at Seasonal Services. We have long-standing relationships with some of the best tree farms in the nation spanning 20 years, which enables us to insist on the highest quality and fair pricing for our customers.


Privacy • Color • Greenery

Our collection of premium shrubs, coupled with the knowledge and advice of our helpful staff, help clients design the backyards of their dreams and truly impressive landscapes. As some of the largest and most impactful of your landscape plantings, bushes and shrubbery can do much to improve your property. Carefully selected and installed shrubs can form the structural backbone that ties your gardens and entire landscape together. Choose a fast-growing shrub species to form an attractive, enduring privacy hedge. Induce delight from family and visitors alike when fall color pops up on the leaves of a shrub species with a bold seasonal color display. Make springtime amazing as the various pastel and vibrant blooms of rose, forsythia, lilac, and other flowering shrubs throughout your property come to life and spread over the hills and dales. We have options to green up and add color to your landscape through all four seasons!

Beyond Beauty

Why Add Trees & Shrubs to Your Landscape?


Aside from adding aesthetic beauty to residential and commercial landscaping projects and providing much of the oxygen we breathe, trees and shrubs offer many additional benefits. The position of mature trees can be strategically planned with proper planting placement to provide shade, privacy, and shield homes and businesses from the heat of the harsh summer sun and bitter winds of winter – which may offer substantial savings on energy expenses.

Garden Focal Point

Magnificent gardens and landscapes begin with the stately trees from which they flow. Trees form the basis of aesthetic beauty and shape their surroundings in ways no other plant can.


Trees are the stuff childhood memories are made of. Trees have inspired religious leaders, philosophers, artists, musicians, and each of us in some way or other during our own lives.


If you are considering how to best honor the life of someone special, a tree may make an ideal living memorial tribute. Twine seedling trees together and plant them at your home to symbolically signify your marriage. Mark the birth of a child. Commemorate special events by planting a tree as a living witness. From time immemorable, trees have testified to the importance of the events that form our lives.


Trees and shrubs may provide shelter for wildlife, as well, with berry-producing species offering up a critical source of nutrition for birds and wild critters throughout the fruiting season.

We Are Here to Help

At Seasonal Services, our knowledgeable Garden Center staff is available to answer your questions and provide more information about choosing the best trees and shrubs for your property and landscaping clients. If you are too busy to accomplish your dream landscape on your own, we invite you to learn more about our professional landscaping and property maintenance services. We are happy to help you bring your vision to life!

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The Garden Center at Seasonal Services

Although our stock of trees and shrubs varies throughout the growing season, you will always find a variety of wonderful options at our Garden Center! Be sure to stop in often to discover fresh finds as we continue expanding our collection of premium-grade trees, shrubs, and bushes. For assistance, call Seasonal Services Garden Center at (304) 229-2914.

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