Commercial Property Maintenance Program

Groundskeeping, Lawn Service, Snow Removal & Pressure Washing

Contracted Lawn & Landscape Solutions From Seasonal Services, LLC

At Seasonal Services, we offer so much more than mowing! Our Commercial Property Maintenance Program makes it easy to keep business lawns, landscapes, and exteriors exceptionally well-maintained. Contact us for a free estimate for service within our West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania service area. Call: (304) 229-2914

Full-Service Property Maintenance

Cost-Effective Annual Service Contracts


Weekly Lawn Service

Mowing – Trimming – Edging

Hardscape Clean-up

Trash Pick Up

Weeding of Mulched Beds

Seasonal Groundskeeping

Pruning of Landscape Shrubbery

Mulch Maintenance & Service

Spring Clean-up

Fall Clean-up

Snow & Ice Management

Winter Property Service

Snow Removal – Snow Plowing – Salt Application

Local Crews

Service Response Triggered by Weather Events

Lots & Driveways Cleared

Sidewalks Salted

Service Completed Before Business Opens

Exterior Cleaning

Pressure Washing Service

Soiling Washed Away

Appearance Freshened

Shine Restored

Durable Exterior Property Surfaces

Concrete – Brick – Stone – Hardscapes

Parking Lots

Drive-through Lanes

Dumpster Pads


Porches, Patios & Business Exterior

Irrigation System Management

Irrigation Service

Setup – Monitoring – Maintenance – Repair – Winterization

Professional Irrigation Care

Spring Startup

Periodic Mid-season Inspection Checks

Winter Shutdown

Beautiful Green, Weed-Free Lawns

Lawn Care Service

Weed Control

Weed Control by Certified Technicians


Professionally Balanced

Improved Root Strength & Grass Health

Overall Contract Price Broken Down Into Twelve Convenient Monthly Payments

How It Works

3 Easy Steps to Carefree Property Maintenance

If you are a commercial business owner or property manager in our West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, or Virginia service area interested in learning more about our Commercial Property Maintenance Program, we invite you to review the three steps below to learn how you can simplify year-round outdoor property maintenance for your business. Contact us to schedule a complimentary initial service assessment and consultation. Call us at (304) 229-2914.

Step #1: Consultation

A commercial services representative from Seasonal Services will meet with you to assess your property maintenance needs, explain our service options in detail, and answer any questions you may have. We work with you every step of the way to provide the information and support you need to understand all aspects and choose the right services to meet your property’s exterior maintenance needs throughout the annual contract term.

Step #2: Review Bundled Service Package

After consulting with our commercial property services professional, you will be provided the opportunity to review in detail the services offered in our Full-service Property Maintenance Bundled Service Package:

Bundled Service Package

(BASIC Services)

Seasonal Services Commercial Property Maintenance Program

Our Full-service Property Maintenance Bundled Service Package includes all services provided in our standard weekly Lawn Service, plus additional value-added seasonal landscape maintenance and groundskeeping services. This package is designed to deliver the clean, pristine professional look your business requires. Let us help your business make a memorable impression – and keep customers coming back!

Full-Service Property Maintenance

Weekly Trash Pick Up

Weekly Lawn Mowing, Trimming & Edging

Surrounding Sidewalks, Curbs & Hardscape Features Blown Off After Each Mow

Weeding of Mulched Beds

Landscape Bush & Shrubbery Pruning (2x Per Season)

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Overall Contract Price is Broken Down Into Twelve Monthly Payments

Step #3: Select Add-On Service Options

Commercial Property Maintenance Program

Option A. Lawn Care

Green & Weed-Free Lawn Care Service

Certified Weed Control

Green Up Lawn

Improve Root Strength & Health

Fertilizer Application

Option B. Winter Property Maintenance

Winter Property Maintenance

Snow & Ice Management

Parking Lots, Sidewalks & Driveways

Snow Plowing & Removal

Salt Application

Option D. Exterior Property Cleaning

Exterior Property Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Concrete – Brick – Stone — Hardscapes

Parking Lots

Drive-through Lanes

Dumpster Pads



Business Exteriors

Option E. Irrigation Service

Irrigation Service

Spring Startup

Winter Shutdown

Mid-season System Inspection

Maintenance & Repair

Full Range Of Commercial Products And Services Available

Landscape And Hardscape Design & Installation

Lawn Restoration – Seeding – Sod

Landscape Mulch, Stone, Sand & Topsoil

Annuals, Perennials, Plants, Trees & Shrubs

Comprehensive Commercial Groundskeeping

Commercial Client Spotlight

Thank You for Allowing Us to Serve You!

Seasonal Services, LLC Values Our Commercial Clients

We would like to thank our wonderful commercial and community clients for allowing us to provide your exterior property maintenance and landscape service needs. We feature a few recent clients and projects below. If you’re in the area, stop by to see how we transformed their properties!

Step Into the Spotlight

If you are a current client and don’t see your company listed – but would like us to – please contact us and let us know. We would be happy to add you!

Join Our Commercial Property Maintenance Program

Full-service Annual Groundskeeping Contract Plans

Our current clients enjoy selecting, paying for, and receiving the exact services their properties need – and we think you will, too! Seasonal Services, LLC is the region’s top commercial landscape property care contractor. Our team takes great pride in maintaining a pristine professional image for your important business assets.

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