Vegetable & Herb Plants

The Garden Center at Seasonal Services

Homegrown Edibles

Looking for delicious vegetables and herbs to grow in your home garden, planters, and containers? Planning a new edible garden installation for a client? Before you begin landscaping and planting your spring garden beds, stop in and see us. The Garden Center at Seasonal Services has what you need!

For Your Growing –and Dining – Pleasure

Eat what you grow with our selection of incredible homegrown edibles! At Seasonal Services’ Garden Center, we carry the finest hand-selected herb plants and premium quality vegetable plants – including tasty organic and heirloom options. Let us help you expand your growing and dining pleasure.

Grow Organic Vegetables & Herbs

A Diverse Range of Heirloom Seeds and Plants

Our ever-expanding selection of organic vegetable plants, starters, and herb plants is quickly becoming one of the most popular in our local area! We take pride in offering organic plants, heirloom vegetable starters, and unique seed and plant options to help increase the biodiversity of your garden ventures because we know that what benefits you benefits the community – and all of us.

Grow Garden Vegetables

Vegetable Seeds & Veggie Starter Plants

The Garden Center at Seasonal Services sources a wide array of seasonal vegetable plants so you can choose the perfect options for your home garden. Our selection varies seasonally, but we strive to carry all your traditional veggie favorites with selections for the cool season from garlic and onion sets, kale, cabbage, spinach, and cauliflower to unique imported varieties based on availability and interest, and wonderful warm weather options including many varieties of resistant, organic, and heirloom tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, beans, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, and so much more!


Herb Seeds & Herb Starter Plants

Ready to add aromatic accents and herbal notes to your home garden, windowsill boxes, and balcony planters? Feast on rich visual textures and gastronomic delights throughout the season by designing an herb garden with all your favorites. Enhance your Mediterranean Tuscan-style garlic, pepper, and tomato garden with an abundance of overflowing Florentine herbs and spices. Plant and grow savory sage, thyme, basil, rosemary, fennel, anise, oregano, and more. Grow mint and parsley for fresh flavor and garnishes. Create sweet and savory dishes all season, prepared from the fresh leaves of your fresh-cut homegrown herbs. Then, dry and prepare for storage to use the dried leaves of your herbs after the growing season comes to an end.

Try Something New!

Herbs are fun to grow –and use! Try your hand at an herbal tea garden with lavender, chamomile, edible flowers, and other herb favorites. Prepare botanical healing salves with your fresh-grown flowers and herbs. Add soothing or invigorating herbal scents to the bath with handmade artisanal soaps, creams, and much more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, stop back soon. Fresh selections arrive throughout the growing season.

Questions? Can’t Decide? Need Help?

Contact Us!

At Seasonal Services, our helpful and knowledgeable Garden Center staff is available to assist you. If you are too busy to accomplish your dream landscape on your own, we invite you to learn more about our professional landscaping and property maintenance services. If you have questions or would like more information about getting started or choosing the best vegetable and herb plants for a particular sunny or shady spot, we are happy to provide the input you need to help you bring your vision to life.

Stop In or Call the Garden Center at Seasonal Services

Although our stock of vegetable and herb seeds and starter plants varies seasonally, you will always find something tasty to grow at our Garden Center! We aim to keep all your favorites in stock. Be sure to stop in throughout the season to discover fresh finds as we grow and expand our vegetable and herb plant collections for you! Contact us by calling Seasonal Services Garden Center at (304) 229-2914.

Delivery is available – call for details: (304) 229-2914