Gardening Supplies

The Garden Center at Seasonal Services

Everything You Need for a Successful Home Growing Season!

At Seasonal Services’ Garden Center, we offer a wide variety of gardening supplies, as well as generations of useful knowledge for the home gardener. From potting mix, vegetable and herb seeds, starter plants, and seed-starting supplies to get a head start on the growing season, topsoil, fertilizers, and soil amendments to prepare your beds right, stakes and supports, pest control, gardening gloves, tools, annual accent flowers, perennial border flowers, mulch, stone, sand, and so much more, we have everything you need to achieve a healthy, bountiful crop. Get ready to enjoy fresh garden tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, herbs, and all your favorite edibles this season!

Planning a Home Garden This Year?

We Have What You Need

If you need it for your garden, chances are good that we have it! Get the right garden supplies to start your harvest off right from the start. Keep pesky insects and garden pests at bay with a range of food-safe pest control options. Feed your tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and veggies well so they can grow big and delicious for you. Trim, maintain, and harvest your plants with essential tools and an array of convenience options to help make gardening more enjoyable. The Garden Center at Seasonal Services offers all this and so much more!

Start Your Plants Off Right​

Potting Mix, Seeds & Starter Plants

Choose the best potting mix from our variety of premium soil blends to start your seeds indoors with the proper soil substrate. We offer an extensive selection of grass seeds, vegetable and herb seeds, and annual flower seeds. If you will be starting your garden a little later or don’t wish to grow your garden from seeds, don’t worry! We also offer a variety of starter vegetable, herb, and flower plants a little later in the season!

Time to Garden!

Topsoil, Soil Amendments & Fertilizer

When it’s time to prepare your garden bed, do it right with our premium-grade selections including topsoil, a variety of conventional and organic lawn and garden fertilizers, and soil amendments, supplements, and corrective solutions for virtually all issues you may face with your West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, or Pennsylvania soil. Even if your existing soil is too poor to sustain your garden crops, we can help you replace the top few inches so you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of vegetables and herbs throughout the season. If pest damage extends to your lawn, our pros can solve grass issues caused by pests and repair or replace your existing lawn with fresh seed or sod. Unsure what you need? Ask our experts. We can help you find the right solutions all season long!

Pesky Insects, Critters & Garden Pests?

Take Your Garden Problems to the Pros

If you are watching in horror as the leaves of your vegetable plants are being eaten away more and more each day, it is time to take action before all your hard work is gnawed to the ground! Have your flower buds vanished without a trace? Are your once healthy tomato plants beginning to turn yellow, brown, or black? Are spots of discoloration or holes and bite marks showing up on your prized garden plants? Have your vegetable and herb plants been nibbled away? If you believe aphids, beetles, snails, grubs, insect pests, deer, animals, wilt, fungi, or disease are invading your garden, stop in and see our plant professionals right away!

Fight Back!

Quality Pest Control Solutions

At Seasonal Services, we have decades of experience identifying, treating, and controlling all types of garden problems for clients throughout our four-state service area of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Our experienced plant pest and disease experts have been trusted to keep some of the finest commercial properties and residential estates in the northeast healthy and in pristine condition. We can help identify the cause of many types of plant destruction common to our local area and recommend effective solutions for you to consider. We carry a range of conventional and organic solutions to repel and control garden pests before in their tracks their destructive acts get out of control.

Keep Your Garden Productive From Planting to Harvest

Garden Tools, Supplies & Accessories

Whether you are gardening a plot of land in your backyard soil or raised beds primarily for food or fun, on your patio, in pots. planters, or a windowsill, the Garden Center at Seasonal Services has the tools, supplies, and accessories you need. We carry all the essentials and some supplies you may not have known about to help make starting and maintaining your gardening project easier, more convenient, and enjoyable. From quality garden toolsets and gardening gloves to plant markers and so much more, we have all the supplies you need – and want – to make gardening as enjoyable as possible!

Let Us Help Your Garden Grow

Contact the Garden Center at Seasonal Services

Whether you are a first-time hobby gardener, seasoned home gardener with a bonafide green thumb, or a professional landscaping contractor, the knowledgeable Garden Center staff at Seasonal Services is here to help every step of the way. We are available to answer your garden preparation and maintenance questions and help you choose the best gardening supplies so you can have a great homegrown garden harvest this season. If you are too busy to accomplish your gardening dream on your own, we invite you to learn more about our professional landscaping and property maintenance services. We are happy to help you bring your vision to life! For assistance, call Seasonal Services Garden Center at (304) 229-2914.

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